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T-shirt bag MINI 16+12x30cm BETA

T-shirt bag 5 kg, 22+12x49cm, in block , TRANSPARENT BETA

T-shirt bag 3 kg, 22+12x40cm, on roll, TRANSPARENT BETA

T-shirt bag 5 kg, 22+12x49cm, on roll, TRANSPARENT BETA


T-shirt bag 6 kg, 28+14x48cm with printing "DĚKUJEME"("THANK YOU") BETA

Flat bag with sidefolds in dispenser pack 18+8x35cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags in block 30x50cm TRANSPARENT BETA

Flatbags on roll 12+8x30cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 17+8x35cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

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