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Garbage bags HDPE, 50x60cm á 50pcs BLACK - with overbag BETA

Aluminum foil 40cm x 8m - THICK BETA

Garbage bags HDPE 63x74cm á 50 pcs, BLACK - with overbag BETA

Cling film for fod 30cm x 300m BETA

Garbage bags HDPE, 63x85cm á 40 pcs, WHITE - with overbag BETA

T-shirt bag 5kg, 22+12x49cm, in block, TRANSPARENT BETA

Cling film for food 45cm x 300m BETA

Garbage bags HDPE, draw-tape, 50x60cm á 15pcs, YELLOW BETA


T-shirt bag 6kg, 28+14x48cm with printing "DĚKUJEME"("THANK YOU"), in block BETA

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