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Our own long-standing experience with packaging and being active in the market with packaging and packaging materials led us to enhancing our assortment of products by offering protective equipment such as safety gloves, which are indispensable when it comes to the process of industrial packaging.

We also offer rubber bands and twines to put products together during packaging or for bunching seasonal produce or other small objects.

Products in category

Fixation foam stouts (EPS Loosefill) GREEN

Fixation foam stouts (EPS Loosefill) WHITE

Rubber bands diameter 20mm / 1mm

Rubber bands diameter 30mm / 1mm

Latex gloves for cleaning - Yellow

Rubber bands diameter 40mm / 1mm

Gloves - nylon knit, polyurethane palm - White colour

Rubber bands diameter 50mm / 1mm

Gloves - nylon knit, rubber palm - thicker - Grey / Green colour

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