Do you produce something? Sell or grow or breed? Do you own a small grocery shop or a large retail store? Are you a butcher, baker, do you run a photo shop, fast food or any other specialized retail shop?
We have a large variety of flat bags made from different materials and in different styles for you and your products, too.

zelený sáčekHDPE ("microtene") flat bags for retail, either gusseted in a dispenser or on a roll, snack bags for household use, ice bags or freezer bags, paper bags for snack bars or fast food restaurants, packing list envelopes or re-sealable LDPE zipper storage bags for a wide range of applications.
In short, flat bags for anything that could spill, scatter or just get filthy; for five rolls, for buttons, for school lunches, but also for a large plush toy or a flower pot.


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Flatbags on roll 12+8x30cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 17+8x35cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 17+8x40cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 20+10x40cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags in block 30x50cm TRANSPARENT BETA

Flat bag with sidefolds in dispenser pack 18+8x35cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

HDPE Snack flatbags 20x30cm á 50 pcs BETA

HDPE Snack flatbags 25x35cm á 50 pcs BETA

HDPE Snack flatbags 30x40cm á 50 pcs BETA

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