Pan sáček žlutý

"Beer....soda....hot dogs", could formerly be heard at nearly every train station platform.

Nowadays, the fast food assortment has become so much wider – hotdog, pizza, hamburger, Chinese noodles, roasted chestnuts, French fries... and with the ever expanding selection of fast food our assortment of packaging products and disposable tableware has expanded as well.

Pizza delivery service? Coffee to go? Or just a dinner too big to finish at a restaurant? Do not worry... Not only will you be able to pack your food to go and take it home, you can also warm it up in a microwave if you wish to do so!

Do you have a refreshment stand? Are you organizing a big summer festival, a garden birthday party or just a barbecue with some friends? Then our selection of paper and plastic trays, plates, cups, napkins, silverware and so much more is also for you. All products in this selection are naturally made from food grade materials, packaged in bulk for large events or in smaller packs for household use.

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Cup for shots - SMALL - 20/40ml - TRANSPARENT

Cup for shots 20/40/50ml - TRANSPARENT

Coffee cup 150ml BROWN-WHITE, for coffee machines PS

Coffee cup 200ml BROWN-WHITE PS

Bowl 250ml 8x11x4cm TRANSPARENT PVC


Bowl double 227 x 178 x 50 mm PP MME BLACK

Drinking cup 200 ml TRANSPARENT PP

Drinking cup 300ml TRANSPARENT PP

Lid for bowl 250ml TRANSPARENT PVC

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