What do you do with it? Where do you put rubbish? Well, of course first it goes into the waste bin!

You are sure to have either an HDPE or LDPE liner in you waste bin, either black, clear or differently coloured, and either in the classic style or with a draw tape for better handling when taking it to the dustbin outside.

Are you a company with responsible waste management procedures? Do you recycle?

These days, even Kindergarten and school-age children know that each type of waste has its own colour, and therefore also we are going to supply you with yellow liners, red liners for hazardous material, green for coloured glass, grey liners for tin cans, brown for organic waste, blue liners for paper and black for non-recyclable post-consumer waste.

And that you need larger or stronger liners? That is no problem for us – we normally keep a large selection of waste bin liner types in stock, so all you have to do is call us and place an order!

Products in category

PP Woven bags 56x120cm type 750, free in carton, WHITE

Garbage bags HDPE 57,5x100cm, type 20, on roll, GREY

Garbage bags LDPE 57,5x100cm, type 50, on roll, BLACK

Garbage bags LDPE, draw-tape, 70x110cm, type 60, on roll, BLUE

Garbage bags HDPE, 70x110cm, type 20, on roll

Garbage bags LDPE, 70x110cm, type 40, on roll

Garbage bags LDPE, 70x110cm, type 50, on roll


Garbage bags LDPE, 70x110cm, type 60, on roll

Garbage bag LDPE, 70x110cm, type 60, on roll, TRANSPARENT

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