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Our customers who are looking for higher quality products and a higher standard can choose from our comprehensive line of packaging materials under our own Beta brand.

All products in this brand are not only of superior quality, but thanks to their attractive packaging they are also very sought after merchandise.

During the manufacturing process of our Beta products, we pay close attention to the quality of the used raw materials, adherence to manufacturing procedures and meticulous output control, so that our customer will be extremely pleased with any product carrying this label.

You will find top quality carrier bags, flat bags, adhesive tapes, waste bin liners or household bags and many more in the Beta product line.

All you have to do is choose!

Products in category

T-shirt bag MINI 16+12x30cm, in block - BETA

T-shirt bag 5kg, 22+12x49cm, in block, TRANSPARENT - BETA


T-shirt bag 6kg, 28+14x48cm with printing "DĚKUJEME"("THANK YOU"), in block - BETA

T-shirt bag 3 kg, 22+12x40cm, on roll, TRANSPARENT BETA

T-shirt bag 5 kg, 22+12x49cm, on roll, TRANSPARENT BETA

Flatbags on roll 12+8x30cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 17+8x35cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 17+8x40cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

Flatbags on roll 20+10x40cm TRANSPARENT - THICK BETA

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