Surely, all of us have been and yet many times are going to be in a situation where you have a pile of items in front of you and you need to carry them from point A to point B – purchased groceries, documents, apparel or just plain old gym shoes.

What do you do with all that?

sáček fialový

Put it in a carrier bag! Small, large, colourful or one with a beautiful picture.

An HDPE (“microtene”) bag will probably work for carrying fresh pastries or small items from a drugstore, while a strong LDPE carrier bag with a pretty colourful print will in turn handle the entire purchase you made at the grocery store while on your way home from work.

Your favourite farmers’ shop will surely wrap your bio groceries for you into a biodegradable carrier bag that is 100% compostable and, when reaching the end of its useful life, it naturally and fully decomposes.

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T-shirt bag MINI 16+12x30cm BETA

T-shirt bag 5 kg, 22+12x49cm, in block , TRANSPARENT BETA

T-shirt bag 3 kg, 22+12x40cm, on roll, TRANSPARENT BETA

T-shirt bag 5 kg, 22+12x49cm, on roll, TRANSPARENT BETA


T-shirt bag 6 kg, 28+14x48cm with printing "DĚKUJEME"("THANK YOU") BETA

T-shirt bag 3 kg, 22+12x40cm, in block, TRANSPARENT NO NAME

T-shirt bag 4 kg 25+12x45cm

LDPE soft-loop handle bag 38x46+4cm

LDPE soft loop handle bag 46x50+4 cm PHOTO - BREAD/ROLLS

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